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Extended Core Cast Stretch Film

We are a trusted Supplier of Extended Core Cast Stretch Film in Maharashtra, India. We have tie-ups with the brands manufacturing Cast Stretch Film using the ultra-modern machines. Our Stretch Film is tear resistant, versatile, strong and clear having built-in dispenser. Our Extended Core Cast Stretch Film is easy to apply and sticks to itself in order to prevent products on pallets. It is widely used for wrapping parcels, pallets, cartoons, etc. It is obtainable form us at rock bottom prices.

Extended Core cast Stretch Film
  • Tear Resistance : Clear strech film wound onto long plastic cores or smooth plastic cores for low friction. Film is strechable in 2 directions.
  • Versatile : Recommended for use in deep freeze storage or the emergency security of pelletized loads. A light portable system that can be taken anywhere.
  • Strong & clear : This Reliable cast Film Sticks only to itself.
  • Built in Dispenser : Wound onto long smooth plastic. High performance film.

Strech Wrapping Processing :
Is a process in which a pre-extruded tacky film is wrapped around products of any shape and size to provide a film grip on the package. The tacky characteristic of the film grip on the package. The tacky characteristic of the film helps in self adhesion without any external aid.

Easy to apply : Film is already strectched so it requires less tension, and can be used quickly and easily. Secures loads effectively to the pallet, your Pallets will not lose shape and your goods will stay protected.

Benifits of Sretch Wrapping :
  • Strong & Clear Film : Sticks only to itself to prevents products on pallets from moving while it transit, very popular pallet wrap in the flood industry.
  • Waterproof &Resistant : Dust &bad weather protection. Center floded for easy handling and storage. By using Strech film, anti quoted methods of strapping and metal banding as well as expensive & time consuming use of wooden support, cloth, Plastic and fibre board is done away with.
  • Recommended for parcels,bundles and pallets.
  • Secures irregularshaped loads.
  • Suitable for use with standard cores.
  • Recommended for use in deep freeze storage.

Over wraps :
  • Wooden Pallet,Cartons, Paper rolls, News prints, Cycle partrs, Carpets,Pipes,Cables, Tyre, Tube lights, Empty containers, Metal, Bearing, Yam, Retread Rubber, Wires, Botteries, Bottles, Dyes, Chemicals, White goods, Tiles, Automobile components, Submersible & Flexible Packaging.
  • Method in all Domestic, Industrial & Export Packaging Applications.